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differences between Server Connection Time Server Response Time Page Load Time Page Download Time

May 31st, 2012 Comments off

Here's an excerpt from google analystics:

Avg. Server Connection Time (sec): 0.12 The average amount of time (in seconds) spent in establishing TCP connection for this page.

Avg. Server Response Time (sec): 0.80 The average amount of time (in seconds) your server takes to respond to a user request, including the network time from user’s location to your server.

Avg. Page Load Time (sec): 7.85 Avg. Page Load Time is the average amount of time (in seconds) it takes for pages from the sample set to load, from initiation of the pageview (e.g. click a page link) to load completion in the browser. If you see zero (0) as a value, please refer to the Site Speed article.

Avg. Page Download Time (sec): 2.08 The average amount of time (in seconds) to download this page.

For example, my site is like this:

Server Response Time


1.You can read more info in the following link for how to use google analytics site speed

2.If you want to break down your site's loading time by digging resources like js/css/html/cgi/php ones, firebug is your friend. You can refer to the following two links for how to use firebug:

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