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tips about nagios notes_url action_url

March 16th, 2012 2 comments

nagios has two useful parameters, i.e. notes_url & action_url.

Firstly, you can modify notes_url in template configuration file:
# Generic service definition template - This is NOT a real service, just a template!
define service{
name generic-service ; The 'name' of this service template
active_checks_enabled 1 ; Active service checks are enabled
passive_checks_enabled 1 ; Passive service checks are enabled/accepted
parallelize_check 1 ; Active service checks should be parallelized (disabling this can lead to major performance problems)
obsess_over_service 1 ; We should obsess over this service (if necessary)
check_freshness 0 ; Default is to NOT check service 'freshness'
notifications_enabled 1 ; Service notifications are enabled
event_handler_enabled 1 ; Service event handler is enabled
flap_detection_enabled 1 ; Flap detection is enabled
failure_prediction_enabled 1 ; Failure prediction is enabled
process_perf_data 1 ; Process performance data
retain_status_information 1 ; Retain status information across program restarts
retain_nonstatus_information 1 ; Retain non-status information across program restarts
is_volatile 0 ; The service is not volatile
check_period 24x7 ; The service can be checked at any time of the day
max_check_attempts 3 ; Re-check the service up to 3 times in order to determine its final (hard) state
normal_check_interval 10 ; Check the service every 10 minutes under normal conditions
retry_check_interval 2 ; Re-check the service every two minutes until a hard state can be determined
contact_groups admins ; Notifications get sent out to everyone in the 'admins' group
notification_options w,u,c,r ; Send notifications about warning, unknown, critical, and recovery events
notification_interval 60 ; Re-notify about service problems every hour
notification_period 24x7 ; Notifications can be sent out at any time

Then, when you define a new service check and want to use that notes_url in combination with notes_url, then when define the service check:
define service{
use generic-service ;using this template will auto enable notes_url, and it will replace $SERVICEDESC$ macro in template with service_description below
servicegroups HttpCheck
service_description aboutus #this will be used to replace $SERVICEDESC$ macro in template definition
check_command check_http!-u "/aboutus/" -t 60 -w 15 -c 30 -f follow -l -r 010
action_url http://$HOSTADDRESS$/aboutus/ #there'll be a "cloud icon" in nagios web gui when you add this line

Now here's the result after adding nagios action_url and notes_url:

You can try click on each icons and see the fancy thing!

Here's the snapshot:

nagios notes_url action_url(click to see the full size image)