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ilom or alom ip address reassignment howto

May 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Here's steps to reassign ip address for ilom or alom system console(out of band access):

  • log on destination host's system console through the system's console port address or jump from KVM which connects the host
  • after log on system console, run showsc to confirm before starting, for example on my host:

doxer_con> showsc
Advanced Lights Out Manager CMT v1.1.8

parameter value
--------- -----
if_network true
if_modem false
if_emailalerts true
netsc_dhcp false
netsc_ipaddr 192,168.52.164
netsc_ipgateway 192,168.52.254
mgt_mailalert(1) 2
sc_customerinfo doxer
sc_escapechars #.
sc_powerondelay true
sc_powerstatememory false
sc_clipasswdecho true
sc_cliprompt doxer_con
sc_clitimeout 0
sc_clieventlevel 3
sc_backupuserdata true
diag_trigger power-on-reset error-reset
diag_verbosity normal
diag_level min
diag_mode normal
sys_autorunonerror false
ser_baudrate 9600
ser_parity none
ser_stopbits 1
ser_data 8
netsc_enetaddr 00:14:4f:7e:24:59
sys_enetaddr 00:14:4f:7e:24:50

  • Now do the actual setting according to your need:

setsc netsc_ipaddr
setsc netsc_ipnetmask
setsc netsc_ipgateway
setsc if_connection ssh

  • confirm everything is what you want with showsc
  • Now┬áreset the system controller with resetsc -y to make it take effect
  • Once the ILO has rebooted check that you can ssh to it and login as usual


For more info about alom/ilom/openboot prom commands, please read here alom/ilom/openboot prom commands help