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quick configuration of httpd /var/tmp

July 8th, 2013 Comments off

yum -y install httpd

vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Alias /test /var/tmp
<Directory /var/tmp>
Options +Indexes
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

apachectl restart

Now copy files to /var/tmp and visit http://<ip address>/test


1. If you the installation of httpd server is not possibe, you can try the easier way of python httpd server here quick configuration of python httpd server.

2. If you want to share /var/tmp so that others can mount it as NFS share, you can do the following:

echo "/var/tmp *(rw)" >> /etc/exports #if there's issue, try /var/tmp *(rw,no_root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check)

exportfs -a

/etc/init.d/nfs start #if there's issue, run /usr/sbin/rpc.mountd, /usr/sbin/rpc.nfsd

Then on the host you want to mount the NFS share, do the following:

mount -t nfs slc03nsv:/var/tmp /mnt

3. Want to write .htaccess for 301 redirect? Then you can refer to Three types of 301 rewrite/redirect for apache httpd server and apache rewrite with and without ending slash.

4. Here's a guide for nginx installation with a bash script: Install nginx reverse proxy server under centos(bash shell) and the way to get the real user ip address when using nginx as reverse proxy(from backend apache server) & logrotate linux log files.

5. Now your boss asked you to have a monitor of enterprise's website, than you may find the following article useful - Auto-monitor your server status and restart or reboot server(bash shell script) and awstats installation and configuration guide on linux centos.

6. Your httpd server is now under DDos Attack? I've undergone this, you can read the stories resolved – port 53 dns flooding attack.

7. You'll be sure to met some errors when you handled linux httpd server a lot, here're several of them Resolved – httpd: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory & Solved:Cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/ into server: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory & resolved awstats 500 internal server error after installation on centos linux.

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httpd installation upgrade tips

February 17th, 2012 Comments off

1.different files after configure, make, make install

Firstly, read the following link to get the elementary knowledge about configure/make/make install

Here's the comparison after/before running configure:

Here's the comparison after/before running make:

[root@test ~]# diff configure.after configure.before
< Makefile
< config.log
< config.nice
< config.status
< modules.c

This means after configure, 5 files, i.e. Makefile, config.log, config.nice, config.status were generated.

[root@test ~]# diff make.after configure.after
< buildmark.o
< httpd
< modules.lo
< modules.o

This means buildmark.o, httpd, modules.lo, modules.o were generated after make command.


2.config.nice(with --prefix option to put the new one to some other place)

If you installed httpd by compiling source package(i.e. through downloading/unpack/configure/make/make install), and you haven't remove the source package(especially config.nice file under the unpacked source package), then you'll have the magic when you want to upgrade httpd. Using config.nice!

Read this article to easily upgrade httpd with all your selected options before.

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