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resolved – check backend OHS httpd servers for BIG ip F5 LTM VIP

May 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Assume you want to check the OHS or httpd servers one LTM VIP is routing traffic to. Then here's the steps:

  1. get the ip address of VIP;
  2. log on LTM's BUI. Local traffic-> virtual servers -> virtual server list, search ip
  3. click "edit" below column "resource"
  4. note down default pool
  5. search pool name in local traffic -> virtual servers -> pools -> pool list
  6. click the number below column members. Then you'll find the OHS servers and ports the VIP will route traffic to.


  • To check connections including one specific IP, run below
    • show /sys connection |grep -w <IP>

F5 big-ip LTM iRULE to redirect http requests to https

October 25th, 2013 Comments off

Here's the irule script:

HTTP::redirect "https://[HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]"


1.You can read more about F5 LTM docs here <select a version of big ip software from the left side first>

2.Here's one diagram shows a logical configuration example of the F5 solution for Oracle Database, Applications, Middleware, Servers and Storage:



Here is about "Persistence profile types".