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resolved – aix create and remove swap space

July 14th, 2012

To add a paging space "paging0"

  • Create a new LV for paging space

mklv -t paging -y paging0 rootvg 10

  • Add the entry in /etc/swapspaces to activate the paging space during next reboot

chps -a y paging0

  • Activate the paging space

swapon /dev/paging0

To remove an active paging space "paging00"

  • Deactivate the paging space using swapoff commnad

swapoff /dev/paging00

  • remove the paging space using rmps command

rmps paging00

  • Remove the entry from /etc/swapspaces so that it is not activated during next reboot

chps -a n paging00

Good Luck!

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