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re-initialize veritas devices layouts

April 6th, 2012

If you found inconsistent paths on your vxfs based filesystem, you may consider re-initialize veritas devices layouts, i.e. remove all rdmp and dmp entries from /etc/vx/dmp and /etc/vx/rdmp and recreate them later.

---Prior starting of implementation freeze VCS cluster on each node

hasys -freeze testhost

---kill vxconfigd #This step is especially not required on Solaris 10 with VxVM5.0. Kill the vxconfigd daemon - Note "-k" argument is not killing it is restarting

# kill -9 <pid of vxconfigd>

---Stop the eventsource daemon

# vxddladm stop eventsource

---Remove all rdmp and dmp entries from /etc/vx/dmp and /etc/vx/rdmp

---Move /etc/vx/array.info to something like /etc/vx/array.info.old

---repeat 3 for /etc/vx/jbod.info or /etc/vx/disk.info #optional

You may need to make changes to the underlying storage layer - if part of your issue does include device path confusion in the underlying os layer. Run your cfgadm or devfsadm -C  (as for solaris) or whatever as required to get your OS understanding of devices in the state you want (There are many things that can be done which might seem extreme or risky and require a sound knowledge of device configuration too large to include here but a decently current OS would not normally require a boot to address such issues as these - that said it may sometimes be more expedient to do so anyway).

---start vxconfigd if you had to kill it in step 1 

# vxconfigd -x syslog -m boot

You wait a minute for it to return or just nohup it in the first place

---Scan disks

#vxdisk scandisks

---Enable dmp

#vxdctl enable

---Once everything verified with test plan you need to unfreeze vcs

hasys -unfreeze testhost


Good Luck!

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