McAfee Solidcore agent and McAfee agent management

The File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) agents on Solaris and Redhat servers is made up of 2 components, a Solidcore Agent and a McAfee Agent.

  • The Solidcore agent is the element that performs the file monitoring. It runs as a kernel module and needs a kernel restart ( reboot ) to disable it.
  • The McAfee agent is responsible for communication back to a central McAfee Enterprise Policy Orchestrator ( EPO ) server. It runs as a service (cma) that can be stopped with minimal impact to the running server. The software can also easily be removed or reinstalled without and impact.

With both Solidocre and a Mcafee agent running, the centralised ePO will control the 'policy' of files to be monitored on the host. this can be overridden in the OS if need be using commands in the Additional Tasks section below.

Status check
To query the status of solidcore on a server ( as root ) run
# sadmin status

To query the policy a server is running with, the local config needs to be 'unlocked' To do this, 'recover' the config and query the policy.
# sadmin recover #( password required, available from the epo administrator )
# sadmin mon list
# sadmin lockdown

The McAfee agent has an associated service 'cma' which can be stopped and restarted while the server is running.
- Stopping the service
service cma stop

- Starting the service
service cma start

The Solidcore agent has an associated service 'scsrvc'
- Stopping the service
service scsrvc stop

- Starting the service
service scsrvc start

The solidcore agent runs as part of the UNIX kernel. Stopping the 'scsrvc' service doesn't fully disable the solidcore software.
To do this :
- Open the local configuration for editing
sadmin recover #{ password needed from the ePO Administrator )

- Set the agent to be disabled at next reboot
sadmin disable

- Close the local configuration for edits
sadmin lockdown


when the server comes back the agent will be disabled. This can be confiremd by running :
sadmin status

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