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Install driver for rtl8111d of mother board GA-880GM-D2H on solaris10

April 17th, 2011

I’ve installed solaris10 on my DIY computer which has a mother board of GA-880GM-D2H. After installation, the server boot ok, but when I checked with ifconfig -a, it only showed lo0 – the loop NIC, this means that the system cannot detect the NIC of rtl8111d which is integrated into mother board of GA-880GM-D2H.

After searching a lot on google, I’ve found this url: http://homepage2.nifty.com/mrym3/taiyodo/eng/. Under “15. gani driver for Realtek rtl8169 rtl8110 rtl8168 rtl8101 PCI/PCI-Express GbE chipset” of that page, I downloaded gani-2.6.8.tar.gz which is for AMD64(you can use isainfo -n to check the platform of your cpu). Then it’s time to compile the package to solaris.

Firstly, unzip the file:

gunzip -cd gani-2.6.8.tar.gz | tar xf -

Make links to correct binary directory and Makefile according to yourconfiguration:

#cd gani-2.6.8

# rm obj Makefile

#ln -s Makefile.${KARCH}_${COMPILER} Makefile

# ln -s ${KARCH} obj

where ${KARCH} is the result of `isainfo -n`, and ${COMPILER} is ”gcc” or “suncc” which you want to use to make the driver.

Now, time to make and make install:


Testing before installation:


#modload obj/gani

#devfsadm -i gani

#ifconfig gani0 plumb

#ifconfig -a #you will see an entry for gani0

/usr/ccs/bin/make install

OK, then, you need set ip address for your newly installed NIC gani0:

#vi /etc/hostname.gani0
#chmod 644 /etc/inet/netmasks
#vi /etc/inet/netmasks

#chmod 644 /etc/inet/hosts

#vi /etc/inet/hosts doxer loghost
#chmod 644 /etc/inet/ipnodes
#vi /etc/inet/ipnodes doxer loghost
#vi /etc/defaultrouter

#hostname doxer
After all the steps, reboot the system: init 6.

You should now see your NIC device:

#dladm show-link

If you want to set this through interactive mode, you can try to use sys-unconfig utility.

Good Luck!

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